prices are lower than & our service is better:

If you've heard of, or have compared their prices to ours, you will find our price is more than a dollar lower than theirs for our economical mailer package (single quantity order manufactured and shipped to your individual customer). If your margins are very low and you have a very low retail price, you want the lowest price available to ship your digital product on cd/dvd to your customers.

Kunaki does have a slightly lower price for some package options, but we make up for that with better service, features, product quality, and support. We are always looking for ways to lower prices. We've been doing cd and dvd on demand fulfillment since 2002.

There are many reasons why you may prefer cdDVDfulfillment over Kunaki:

We use the highest quality materials:

We offer better support and features:

We offer better support to YOUR clients:

Most of our clients use our service to manufacture and ship single quantity orders to their individual customers:

Our project management system is better than Kunaki:

Kunaki requires you download some windows software to setup your project. You have to know all the information about your product and have all the graphics you want prepared in advance. Once you have all this, the software reads your cd or dvd from your drive, and creates a permanent, non editable image file of your product and uploads it to their server. While this seems nice at first, and is useful to some users, it has drawbacks.

Our project management system has these benefits the system does not: We think Kunaki is a good system for some users but Kunaki admits "Kunaki operates more like a machine than a business and does not offer a personalized service. We don't engage in active marketing, sales, or public relations. We never offer discounts or special deals. We don't offer affiliate or partner programs. The Kunaki machine is operated and managed by software rather than a management team." (August 2010 from their FAQ)

If you want a system that is robust, flexible, low cost, and you want to produce a premium product, please check out our services FREE today by looking at the Intro Video or setting up a free project.