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CD/DVD Products:
Our low prices include Professional Grade Glossy CMC Pro (Powered by TY) CD/DVDs.

USB Flash Drive Products:
Our low prices include Professional Grade Tier 1 SanDisk, Micron, Hynix, Samsung, or Intel chips.

Best Packaging

We use only premium, 100% new material CD/DVD/USB cases, and offer them at a low price.

Cheap cases contain recycled material which makes them brittle and easy to break.

Our prices include full color printing on the disc surface, USB flash drive, and package artwork.

Top Quality CD/DVD/USB media and packaging.

Excellent Service

We are here to help. We offer various levels of support.

Other short run duplicators will quote a low unit price, but that's usually for cheap materials, black & white printing, or high minimum quantity purchases. is the perfect substitute for Our disc and CD/DVD/USB case quality is better, as is our support and product publishing website:

If you've heard of, and are frustrated by their lack of support, or you're tired of packages going missing, consider TrepStar CD/DVD/UDB on demand fulfillment.

Kunaki does have a slightly lower price for their CD/DVD/USB case package option, but you get what you pay for. We make up for that with better services (like handling product returns), faster shipping, better account features, better product quality, and better support. We are always looking for ways to lower prices. We've been doing cd and dvd on demand fulfillment since 2002.

TrepStar now offers on demand USB flash drive fulfillment. Kunaki does not. Less and less computers now come with CD/DVD drives. USB is soon going to be the only low cost way to offer a physical product.

Kunaki takes longer to ship. They charge a little less, but there is a reason:

"My partner is ok with Kunaki. I am not. ... we are opposed to them using Mail Innovations (Kunaki->UPS->USPS hybrid). Tracking often doesn't show up for days and what should take 3 business days sometimes takes 7-10 days because it's being handled by two carriers. That's way too long for our customers. I'm fine with the [price], but give us true 1st Class!"

- Customer Email - 9/21/16

TrepStar uses only USPS first class mail for your CD/DVD/USB shipment! There is no hybrid shipping when using TrepStar. TrepStar often gets packages to the post office on the SAME DAY it was ordered.

There are many reasons why you may prefer cdDVDfulfillment over Kunaki:

We use the highest quality materials:

  1. We use the BEST blank media on the market Professional Grade Glossy CMC Pro (Powered by TY). This is more compatible than cheaper discs. They cost about 2-3 times more per disc than average blank media. We do this primarily because the best blank media is more compatible and more reliable than standard blank media (nearly 100% compatible). Cheaper blank discs do not work as well so you'll have more customer returns (as much as 5%-10% incompatibility).
  2. The Professional Grade Glossy CMC Pro (Powered by TY) blank discs we use have a glossy finish, so the colors are vibrant, and it looks as good or better than retail quality. Cheaper blank discs usually have a flat, matte finish, the colors look more faded, and in general, do not look as professional.
  3. We use only Premium CD and DVD cases. Often, a duplicator will have a low price but they use cheap packaging which cracks or breaks easily. You end up having to redo the batch, or they up sell you to something better which raises the unit price. Our cases use 100% new material. Some use recycled material which is brittle and breaks during shipment, or after the first few uses. Click here to learn more about our product quality.

We offer better support and features:

  1. Our Project Management System allows you to easily change your project. Start your project by setting up what you know. Upload what you can. We send you email giving you further instructions. Once it's all set, we approve the project and you're ready to order. Change your project later -- graphics, title, package options, burn files. Everything can be edited. With Kunaki, you must have it all set up perfectly up front, spend hours uploading it, and can NEVER change it for any reason. Made a mistake? With us, it's just a simple edit, with Kunaki, start over.
  2. You may choose to include an optional welcome letter or printed document. We print in full color to high quality gloss presentation paper (8.5" x 11"). Kunaki does not offer any kind of print service.
  3. Include custom text printed on the invoice. You may use this space to include a customer specific registration code or unlock instructions with each order. Kunaki does not. In fact, the last package we received from them had nothing in the package but the product. No invoice. No receipt. No support email. No idea how to contact the seller. Nothing.
  4. Delete an order for up to 15 minutes. Kunaki does not offer this feature.
  5. Modify an address for up to 10 hours. We have a publisher setting that allows you to specify the amount of time you want us to wait before we print postage. This gives you and your customer time to fix any address problems. By default, we wait 1 hour. Kunaki does not offer this feature.
  6. Optionally allow your customer the ability to fix any address errors themselves. When an order is placed, you normally specify the customer email. We send an email telling the customer the order was placed. In that email, we display the address, and give them a link to a form where they can make small corrections. They can modify the address for a short time (1 to 10 hours). The time interval is set within your publisher settings. Kunaki does not offer this feature.
  7. We offer better email support. We look over your email, and a real person will respond to you within 24 hours (most cases, same day). As far as we can tell, Kunaki directs you to their long FAQ document for most questions.
  8. Kunaki does not take returns. Their FAQ says "We do not accept returns. All returned items are discarded. We do not have the capacity to store them." (We last checked their site on July 13, 2017). At, we contact you by email to let you know a customer refused or returned a package. If it was a bad address, we try to fix it for you! Kunaki does none of this.
  9. If you have specific questions about your project, or customer reports, or issues setting up the project, we are here to help.

We offer better support to YOUR clients (if you choose):

  1. When an order comes into our system, if you provided your customer email, we send your customer a detailed email including available tracking information. This let's your customer know their product is on the way (optional and free). Your customer can track their order without ever bothering you. Kunaki provides tracking to YOU (login and look it up on their order system). Then you have to forward that info to your customer when they request it. With, your customer receives an optional email with a direct link to tracking! Of course, you may disable this email if you don't want your customer to receive email from TrepStar.
  2. You submitted a bad address to us and neither you nor your customer fixed it: If so, our postage system flags the order and we contact your customer by email asking them to help us adjust and fix the address (we'll ask you if no customer email was provided with the order). We fix the address and the customer receives their package with minimal delays. We charge $1.50 for this service (we lose money on this). Kunaki does not provide bad address lookup and correction services. If you or your customer uses the modify feature there is no charge.
  3. Packages can be undeliverable: We process all mail package returns for you. Sometimes, postage is printed, the package is sent, yet it comes back to us from the post office. We lookup the customer, and send them an email requesting their correct address if we have it (if you submitted it with your order). Otherwise, we email you and ask for it. This lets your customer know there will be a delay in shipment. When they email us back, we resubmit the order for you and resend the package. Kunaki does not do this. Their FAQ states "We do not accept returns. All returned items are discarded. We do not have the capacity to store them." This means you'll hear from your customer weeks after the order and have no idea where the package went. You'll have to get a correct address from your customer, and ship it again as a new order.
  4. Package Refused by your customer: If your customer refuses the package, we let you know (via email). We notify you so you may process a refund in any way you like. With Kunaki, you'll not know if a customer actually returned your package because according to the FAQ, "...all returned items are discarded."
  5. "Where is my package..." Customer Request: Some users email us saying they have not received the package. This is because we use OUR email address as the replyto address when we send the shipping confirmation (optional and free). We ALSO print our email address on the included receipt/invoice (Kunaki does not). When a customer asks us, we look the receiver email up in our system, and check the date the package was sent. We either send them an email asking them to be patient and wait a few days (based on the expected shipping times). If the package was lost, we resend that package at no charge to you. With Kunaki, you don't get this service. You'll just have to trust your customer never received the package if they say so, and enter a new order at full price.
  6. We help field your customer questions: We are able to field support emails from your customers in many cases. Often, when users have problems with the product, they resort to finding the package, and sending an email to us (we put our email on the receipt/invoice). We handle it ourselves without bothering you if we can. If not, we forward those emails to you. Kunaki does not do this. As far as we can tell, they do not send out shipping email to your customer so there is no way they are getting any replies from your customer. Also, Kunaki includes nothing in the package but the product itself (no invoice or receipt to help the customer contact someone).

Our project management system is better than Kunaki:

Kunaki requires that you have everything perfectly ready before you set up the project. You have to know all the information about your product in advance, and have all the graphics and files complete and ready before you begin. Once you start, you can't go back to change anything. If you need to make changes, you have to start over. If you finish, and realize you need to change something -- start over. If you're half way through and realize you are missing something -- too bad, start over when you have it.

Our project management system has these benefits the system does not:
  1. You may edit your project on our system. You can NOT do this with Kunaki. If you make a mistake in your Kunaki project or want to change something as simple as a graphic or the title or copyright date of your product, you have to redo the entire project. With our system, you may upload new images, pick different packaging options (cd case, jewel case, sleeve), upload completely different files to burn, adjust the title, version info, publisher name, or any other small details.
  2. You don't need everything in place up front to use our system. Create your project, enter what you know, and we guide you by sending you emails on what to do next to get the project ready. Once your project is approved, you may order a copy to you or your customers. Don't like something about it? Change it! Add a different graphic, change the files that are burned. We approve your project again and you may order some more. With our system, your projects can evolve as your product evolves. With, if ANYTHING changes, you have to rebuild and upload the ENTIRE project. For a dvd, that may take 20 hours or more!
  3. You have flexibility using our project system. You may upload files to YOUR server OR OURS. This means you have full control of any files that are used in the project. This is very useful to clients that have a lot of projects and don't want to go through the entire Kunaki project making software process for each project. With our system, you simply copy an existing project, edit a few fields to update the location of your files and graphics, and seconds later you have new product ready to order!
  4. Change packaging options easily. Want to start out shipping your product in the lowest cost simple clear vinyl sleeve (instead of a cd or dvd case)? You may set up your project that way. Then, if you have custom graphics for a CD or DVD case, you may add those graphics, and change your product options to package it in a CD or DVD case. The next order you take triggers our system to use your new graphics and package options.
  5. Simplify order automation: If you do all the work to automate your customer orders, the last thing you want is to do is change and test your order automation system in any way. If you need to change your product you may easily edit your online project with our system. With Kunaki, ANY change to your product forces you make an entirely new one! This means your ordering automation system needs to change to refer to that new product. Not only is it tedious to be forced to go through the Kunaki project creation and upload process for simple changes, but you now have to update and test your ordering system to refer to the newly created product. With our system, you may simply edit your project. This means the product id does not change so your automated ordering system does not change either.
  6. We stretch or shrink your graphics to fit no matter what: If you created graphics for use on the Kunaki system, they will work on ours as well because we also use the same size packaging.
  7. Multi Disc Projects: We allow you to package a disc set into a single DVD case. For example, you may create a multi disc set in a single project on our system. This set will be packaged in a DVD case that holds multiple discs. This DVD case is the same size (thickness) as a normal size single DVD case. This means your artwork/graphics for the DVD case overwrap will not need to change. This is beneficial because the unit cost is low, the shipping weight and volume are low, thus the total unit cost including shipping is low. With Kunaki, you have to create a project for each disc, and they all come in separate cases (CD jewel case or DVD amaray case). You may do this with our system as well, but you have an economical choice when you use our multi-disc option. In addition, you may have mixed media with our multi-disc sets. In other words, your set could include 3 audio CDs along with one data CD (maybe contains documentation or other software). You may have DVDs mixed with CDs. Any combination is possible.
  8. Easy Reporting: You may easily search for your customer orders with our search and reports feature. Find out when an order was shipped. Look over any tracking information available. See billing reports and pay your bill online at any time. These are just some of the features available to you when you use our services.

We think Kunaki is a good system for some publishers, but Kunaki admits "Kunaki operates more like a machine than a business and does not offer a personalized service." "We do not negotiate special prices or deals. We also don't use sales people. We are very much a self-service machine." (Last checked 7/14/17)

If you want a quality system that is robust, flexible, fast, and fairly priced, and you want a premium product manufactured and shipped first class, please check out our services FREE today by looking at the Intro Video or setting up a free project.